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“An Enemy Is One Whose Story We Have Not Heard“

-Gene Knudsen Hoffman

Storytelling Centre believes in the power of storytelling. We are also convinced that in a balanced, culturally diverse society, there should be space for everyone's story; especially in times of intercultural tensions! In an ever-changing society we see it as a necessity to provide a platform for all those stories, in the theatre and in society, and to encourage people to connect through stories. That is our mission.

In recent years Storytelling Centre has developed numerous activities in the field of storytelling. The Centre is now known nationally and internationally as a training centre, festival producer, producer of urgent performances by young storytelling talents and as a supporter of cultural diversity and connectivity between different cultural backgrounds.

The Storytelling Centre delivers multiple trainings in using storytelling in community- and youth work in the Netherlands and abroad. This on-going experience has allowed us to develop a flexible method that is adaptable to practically any audience and target group, our Share to Connect method.

You can find this method as a toolkit existing of theory, exercises and tips and tricks on this website. Please register freely to access the manual and to start using storytelling in your community.

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